Bert Zetsl, MMIS Inc. Founder

Bert Zetzl, Owner & Founder

Our History and Heritage

For over a decade, owner Bert Zetzl worked in various capacities for Hoechst Chemicals (today part of Sanofi-Aventis). He introduced many new chemicals to Canada, but developed a particular interest in artificial casings from Germany and in phosphates for the food industry (Brifisol). This detailed knowledge, along with a product restructuring at Hoechst, resulted in the creation of MMIS Inc. in 1979.

The first agency for the newly formed MMIS Inc. was Wolff Walsroder AG, a Bayer Chemical subsidiary. Today, the Walsroder line of casings is known all over the world, and is produced by Walsroder Casings GmbH and Walsroder Casings Polska Sp. Z o.o. Printing and tying operations were added in Canada to give our customers shorter delivery times. Today, MMIS Inc. is the only remaining casings converter in Canada.

As MMIS Inc. prospered, an equipment division was added in 1981. Over the years many well-known manufacturers from all over the world have been represented in Canada. Technical representatives and service personnel are well-trained to look after this equipment.

MMIS Inc. Food Industry Headquarters

In 1987, MMIS Inc. built its own facility in Aurora, Ontario, just north of Toronto. In 2001 Mondo Spice, a Western Canada spice company, was acquired by MMIS Inc. and was renamed MMIS Mondo Ltd. The production area was doubled and new employees and additional equipment were added. For future growth MMIS Inc. has already acquired additional land for expansion.

MMIS Inc. Leading Team

Bert with Christopher and Alexander Zetzl

After completing a PhD in Food Chemistry from the University of Guelph, Alexander Zetzl (oldest son of the owner) worked for one of MMIS’ ingredients suppliers in Europe – ICL. He then joined MMIS Inc. full time in 2015, and is currently working as Director of Operations.

In 2017, Dr. Alexander was joined by brother Christopher, who brings with him several years’ experience in the banking and financial industry. We look forward to continuing the family tradition of serving the Canadian Food Industry for many more years along with our dedicated team of employees.